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The Lawyers Life Consultancy provides a range of services for barristers’ chambers, Law Firms, Legal Bodies and Universities.

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Our Bespoke Event Service

Live events are a great way to: a. Create a buzz about your chambers or law firm b.To thank existing clients and allow new ones to experience your services.

LawyersLife have hosted some of the most talked about, and memorable events in the legal calendar. We can help you create an exciting live event that suits your business and makes you stand out in an increasingly competitive legal field.

You can also partner with Lawyerslife by joint sponsoring our own unique live events which provide fantastic networking opportunities.

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Our Film Production Service

Film is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a unique way to promote your business and services. LawyersLife films about the legal profession have been shown at the President’s Judicial Conference to 100 Family law judges as well as at other seminars and conferences to 1000s of lawyers, social workers and the media.

For details on how your chambers/ law firm/ organisation can benefit from us making a film about you. Or for a screening of our existing films contact:

Watch our trailer at Marketing via film :

Advertising/ Sponsorship opportunities

You can buy an ad through us directly. Or write a sponsored article. Please contact us for rates.

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